Vampire Facial

If you want a smoother and younger looking skin without having to go under the knife or have to suffer from looking like a plastic doll, consider our natural and innovative Vampire Facial ®. With Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar’s vampire facelift we will help you correct all of the four essential elements in order for you to have a more beautiful and younger face. Our facial rejuvenation corrects your shape, texture, size and color.

During the procedure we will use hyaluronic acid (HA) filler in order to sculpt a naturally beautiful shape. We will then polish the sculpture for an improved color, texture and shape with a shot of Platelet Rich Plasma. Once you’ve received this PRP shot, your cheeks will be lifted into a round and high shape. Your brow will be lifted as well in order to create the shape of a “gull’s wing” causing your eye to open even more. The corners of your mouth will be lifted and we will also correct your asymmetry.

Visit Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar in Beachwood, OH, for a rejuvenating Vampire Facial ®!