PRP Hair Restoration

Are you shedding or losing your hair and can’t seem to find a solution to your permanent hair loss? Don’t fret and visit Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar in Beachwood, OH for our revolutionary PRP Hair Restoration! You can re-grow your hair with our PRP services and it’s much better than Rogaine and safer than Finasteride.

If you have suffered from hair loss less than 5 years, we will be able to help you out. If your hair follicles or hair roots are healthy then the growth of your hair is healthy. Bloody supply is the greatest nutrition that hair follicles can receive in order to survive. During the procedure we will introduce platelets by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma in the area of your damaged hair follicles. Many doctors around the world and Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar believe that PRP is an effective treatment that can help stimulate your hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Visit Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar in Beachwood, OH, if you’re suffering from this nightmare, we assure you that we can help you remedy this problem.