Priapus Shot

If your sex life isn’t as exciting as it used to be or your marriage is lacking passion, don’t grieve and instead visit Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar for a Priapus Shot ®! The P-Shot ® is designed for men that are on and off testosterone replacement as well as young men and older men that have diabetes.

This revolutionary procedure guarantees you lasting results in order to improve your sexual performance. If you’ve lost your function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and the results of surgery, we assure you that your sex drive won’t be considered average for very long.

Our staff has been personally trained and certified in order to provide this type of service. We will use your normal growth factors of your blood in order to stimulate the rejuvenation of your penis. The process will only last for 15 minutes. With this procedure you will be able to have an erection and help with your sexual stamina while having sex with your partner. Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar is the premier center for the next generation of medical innovation and PRP services. Visit us in Beachwood, OH, and ask as for our amazing O-shot ®!