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Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar offers the next generation of medical innovation with their quality Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets are one of the many elements in human blood that have the ability to heal your body by simply migrating to your injured area. Once they’ve arrived they liberate various growth factors that heal your damaged tissue.

Our PRP services are of the highest quality for having a high concentration of dose. When you visit us for a PRP face lift, our staff will take a small amount of your blood and this will cause to unleash their regenerative power and we will inject it back into your body. The PRP process is FDA Approved and is a zero-risk procedure. Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar offers diverse services, including our revolutionary PRP Hair Restoration that is available for women and women who are losing their hair as well as our rejuvenating Vampire Facial ® that provides you with smoother and younger skin.

You may be looking into improving your sex life or your marriage, with our Priapus Shot ® your sexual performance will never be considered average. If you want to look freshen up your life, don’t think twice and visit Dr. Laurel's PRP Bar in Beachwood, OH, today!

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